Sample Projects

This page showcases some projects that have used AISOS resources. For more interactive content, including high resolution images and 3D models, check out our Elevator and Sketchfab pages.

Ceramic wall sculpture of a fist balancing the earth.

Ceramic sculpture by Tom Lane (Art) for the exhibit Reverent and Irreverent Objects created using 3D scanning and 3D printing.

3D model of a historic globe.

3D scan of one of two 17th century globes at the James Ford Bell Library. See the animated and annotated model on Sketchfab.

Point cloud of a 3D LiDAR scan of Mill Ruins Park.

Terrestrial LiDAR scan of Mill Ruins Park captured with a FARO Focus scanner.  Scanning process featured on the CBS show Mission Unstoppable.

Screenshot of a 3D model of the Commander's House at Fort Snelling

Virtual Fort Snelling app created in collaboration with Kat Hayes (Anthropology) and Dan Shervheim (Computer Science)

Magnified image of tree rings showing individual cells.

Tree rings at high magnification captured with the Gigamacro. See this New York Times Op Ed by Daniel Griffin (Geography) for more.

Distorted 360 image of the facade of Pillsbury Hall.

360 degree image of Pillsbury Hall generated for a virtual tour celebrating the reopening of the renovated building.

Image of fungal activity on an animal bone at high magnification.

SEM image of fungal activity on an animal bone at 500x magnification. By Caroline Rowe (Anthropology / Anatomy). See Rowe 2023.

RTI-produced normal map of a quarter.

Normal map of a quarter generated using reflectance transformation imaging.

Screenshot of 3D models of cross sections of a human heart.

Virtual echocardiography simulator created in collaboration with Susana Arango and the Visible Heart Lab (see Arango et al. 2022).

Height map of ecoli biofilm

Height map of a dried ecoli biofilm captured with the white light profilometer for Chemical Engineering (see Ma et al., 2022).

3D render of a wolf skull.

3D scan of a wolf skull collected in collaboration with Anthropology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and the MN DNR.

High magnification image of a piece of charcoal from an archaeological thin section.

Charcoal from a geological thin section of an archaeological hearth feature captured with the Gigamacro using cross polarized light.