Sample Projects

This page showcases some projects that have used AISOS resources. For more interactive content, including high resolution images and 3D models, check out our Elevator and Sketchfab pages.

3D model of a statue of Goldy Gopher.

3D model of a Goldy Gopher statue created using photogrammetry.

3D scan of a replica plant with leaves and flowers.

3D scan of a replica of model of grecian foxglove (Digitalis lanata). In partnership with the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences.

3D scan of a hand, and a wooden hand CNC'd from the model.

Project by Nels Shafer, undergraduate student, for ARTS 3890 (3D Modeling and Digital Fabrication).

Point cloud of a hotel room as seen from above.

3D point cloud of a hotel room created with a FARO Focus LiDAR scanner.

RTI-produced normal map of a quarter.

Normal map of a quarter generated using reflectance transformation imaging.

3D scan of a butchered chicken colored gold.

3D model of a plaster cast of a chicken captured with a David SLS scanner. Project by Katayoun Amjadi, MFA student, for ARTS 3890 (3D Modeling and Digital Fabrication).

Magnified image of tree rings showing individual cells.

Tree rings captured with the Gigamacro. In partnership with Daniel Griffin, Department of Geography.

Point cloud of a 3D scan of a field.

Topographical LiDAR scan of proposed park in St. Paul.

A close up of a metal printing block of a stag.

Small metal printing block imaged with RTI augmented with specular enhancement.

3D scan of a wood block used for printing.

3D scan of an historic woodblock captured using photogrammetry and structured light scanning. In partnership with Michael Hancher, Department of English.

3D print of a man's head with herbs growing out of the top.

"Food for Thought" by Felix Oh, undergraduate student. Created for ARTS 1911 (BioArt: Culturing Life).

Close up image of a butterfly wing.

High resolution image of a butterfly wing captured with the Gigamacro.