AISOS: Advanced Imaging Service for Objects and Spaces

Come image with us!

Images of objects (art, ethnographic objects, artifacts), scientific samples (biological, geological), and archival materials are central to many disciplines.  Images are often used to convey information in publications, presentations, and exhibits, but increasingly, quantitative analyses can be carried out on images as well.  There is a growing body of imaging techniques, consisting of sophisticated instrumentation and software processing, which can help researchers whose work relies on the analysis of objects, including skeletal materials, artifacts, botanical materials, biological organisms, art objects, and the like.  

The Advanced Imaging Service for Objects and Spaces (AISOS) is a dedicated facility for these types of macro- and meso-scale imaging of objects in two and three dimensions.  It houses advanced technology for exploring objects and artifacts with new levels of precision.  AISOS is a joint project between the Department of Anthropology, researchers from departments across campus, and Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services (LATIS) in the College of Liberal Arts.

AISOS Workshops

Want to get started with 3D scanning, 3D printing, or virtual / augmented reality? AISOS is now offering hands-on workshops where participants and LATIS staff will work together on advanced imaging, making, and technology projects in a guided but informal settings.

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Man wearing VR headet in front of a screen.
Normal map of a fox toy.
Woman 3D scanning a wolf skull.